Author: Андрей Изотов

Unclone – Transmission [30.07.2021]

Unclone - Transmission

The end of July for Dawn of Music records is marked by a very original and powerful new generation drum and bass sound. Tracks from Unclone’s Transmission EP sounded in mixes long before release and finally released.

Available here.

Poltergayst – Robot Sadness [18.06.2021]

Poltergayst - Robot Sadness

The long-awaited release from Poltergayst and Ivan L took place on Dawn of Music records in early summer. A dark atmosphere, a well-thought-out concept of the track and a fat bass line await you both in the original Robot Sadness and in the remix by Ivan L.

Available here

Step Inside – Uniform [30.04.2021]

Step Inside - Uniform

The new name on Dawn of Music records is Step Inside. Uniform EP is 2 tracks with a dark atmosphere and old drum and bass traditions.

0x1 & DSG – Vortex EP [05.03.2021]

0x1 & DSG - Vortex

The long-awaited neurofunk release from Dawn of Music records. Vortex EP includes 3 powerful tracks from DSG and 0x1 with an exhilarated atmosphere of hard drum and bass sound.

Available here

Drimuzz – Forgotten Sketches (part 2) [18.12.2020]

The second part of the Forgotten Sketches EP by Drimuzz closes the 2020 neurofunk releases on Dawn of Music records.

Drimuzz – Forgotten Sketches (Part 1) [04.12.2020]

Drimuzz - Forgotten Sketches (Pt. 1)

Drimuzz has been producing drum and bass for a long time on Dawn of Music records. This time the label ends 2020 with two parts of the Forgotten Sketches EP. You will find the usual gloomy neurofunk in them.

Astrou – My Inspirer [08.10.2020]

Astrou - My Inspirer

Autumn for Dawn of Music records opens with a release from Astrou. My Inspirer is 3 beautiful light drum and bass tracks that perfectly reflect the mood of October.

Dj VV – Reborn [30.08.2020]

Dj VV - Reborn

Dawn of Music records celebrates its 11th anniversary in 2020! In honor of this unusual release – Reborn. These are 4 jungle tracks. This style has never been released on Dawn of Music before.

Tracks from Reborn available on vinyl

Andrew Y & Monogura – Muscogee [24.07.2020]

Very interesting drum and bass on Dawn of Music records was released this summer. An unusual and at the same time traditional drum and bass sound presents you a joint project by Andrew Y & Monogura.

Cyberspyda – 70’s

The final single from the Cyberspyda trilogy is jump up. An active dancing and energetic drum and bass theme awaits you here.