Exit4 – 1st Renaissance [16.10.2017]

1st Renaissance – collection of neurofunk tracks from Exit4 that were released on Dawn of Music records. Here you will find fresh and high-quality drum and bass from Exit4!

Want Back [19.09.17]

After a long pause, Dawn of Music records releases light drum and bass tracks! On Want Back you will hear melodic liquidfunk.

Poltergayst – Something Wrong [04.07.2017]

Dawn of Music records releases the most conceptual SP Something Wrong from Poltergayst. Here you will find 2 underground tracks with deep semantic load.

Adenoiz – Higher [05.05.2017]

Adenoiz – Higher on Beatport

Dawn of Music records continues the series of neurofunk releases of 2017! This time the Higher EP with cool tracks on board from the popular in Moscow drum and bass musician Adenoiz!

Scary Technology [23.03.2017]

New release from Dawn of Music records was designated with new names. Limf and Vlad Nervo – musicians who have devoted themselves Neurofunk-sound! In Scary Technology is waiting for you classic sound tight bass lines and broken rhythms.

Exit4 – Alone [10.02.2017]

So, the final release of the trilogy from Exit4 – Alone. Here are the tracks with the most aggressive neurofunk mood.

Exit4 – Danger [07.02.2017]

The second release of the year 2017 and the second in a trilogy of albums Exit4. Once again we meet to select neurofunk on Dawn of Music records!

Exit4 – Course [30.01.2017]

Neurofunk figure Exit4 already released on Dawn of Music records and now we are waiting for a trilogy of releases from this producer. The first release of 2017, at the Dawn of Music neurofunk saturated atmospheric sound and has been supported in many mixes, including Dj Gvozd on Pirate Station.

Assistent – Tactics [20.12.2016]

The final release of 2016 on Dawn of Music represented by Assistant – a musician who has already successfully produced on the label.

Poltergayst – Migraine [24.11.2016]

Music, describes the sensation of headache in the style of drum and bass from Poltergayst. Among fit into the framework of the usual sound neurofunk this is 2 most conceptual tracks that united on Dawn of Music in Migraine SP.