SidMak – Fast Moster [11.11.2022]

SidMak is a musician involved not only in drum and bass tracks, but also in house, hip-hop and phonk styles. Has already had several releases, but is released for the first time on Dawn of Music records. There are 2 tracks on Fast Monster EP: the first is powerful with a gloomy mood, and the second is rather the opposite of it – light and melodic liquidfunk.

Available here.

Ar.T-H – Dark Alloy [14.10.2022]

A series of original Ar.T-H releases continues on Dawn of Music records. Another pair of drum and bass tracks with a thoughtfully dark atmosphere.

Available here.

Rune K – Ikarus [30.09.2022]

Rune K is a musician with extensive experience in drum and bass music, previously released under the pseudonym Pure Sin. The release Ikarus presents enough mainstream sound that will appeal to fans of neurofunk music.

Available here.

Fade Duster – Blink [26.08.2022]

Last summer single from Dawn of Music records and a new name on the label. Fade Duster presents energetic drum and bass track Blink.

Available here.

Ar.T-H – Mechanical Oblivion [12.08.2022]

Ar.T-H’s second release on Dawn of Music records. This time, drum and bass in his performance began to sound more menacing, and the dynamics of the tracks became heavier. Meet Mechanical Oblivion this summer.

Available here.

Poltergayst – Voodoo Voice [08.07.2022]

Poltergayst - Voodoo Voice

A unique event on Dawn of Music records! For over a decade the label has been promoting drum and bass music, but the releases also include dubstep and a few other styles of electronic music. Andrey Poltergayst, the founder of the label, presents his otherworldly and very unusual sound on the 200th anniversary release.

Available here.

Ar.T-H – Factory Substance [22.04.2022]

Ar.T-H is a new discovery of Dawn of Music records. The dark and conceptual sound will amaze you with its unusual drum and bass sound.

Available here.

Expression [24.03.2022]


New discoveries from Dawn of Music records on Expression EP in the hard drum and bass sound. These are Noxtromo and Ghostfreq – musicians who love hard sound.

Available here.

Mirage EP [18.02.2022]

Mirage EP

The first release of 2022 on Dawn of Music contains dark drum and bass tracks. Drimuzz, which is often released on Dawn of Music records, this time will present not only his solo track, but also 2 collaborations with Poltergayst and Smpler!x.

Available here.

Urban Strange – Gravity [17.12.2021]

Urban Strange - Gravity

Dawn of Musiс records ends 2021 with Gravity EP. For several years, Urban Strange has been released on the label and is constantly improving its dark drum and bass sound.

Available here.