Author: Андрей Изотов

Sidmak – Biomechanics [06.03.2024]

Again, the release from Sidmak on Dawn of Music records and again it was not without dubstep. We present to your attention 2 versions of the Monster Search track plus an interesting drum and bass work called Code Error. The release is already on March 6.

Soulchaserz – Pilorama [02.02.2024]

The first release of 2024 on Dawn of Music records is a powerful drum and bass track from Soulchaserz. Pilorama opens the season with a hard and energetic sound.

Available here.

Sidmak – Escaped Prototype [15.12.2023]

The final release of 2023 is quite unusual for Dawn of Music records. Dubstep has not been released on the label for several years, but in mid-December, a single from Sidmak – Escaped Prototype will add a fresh sound.

Available here.

Ar.T-H – Spatial Challenge [29.11.2023]

The next series of tracks from Ar.T-H is released on Dawn of Music records at the end of autumn. As always, the gloomy cinematic atmosphere of drum and bass tracks will delight connoisseurs of conceptual sound.

Available here.

Ar.T-H – Mysticism of Voices [27.10.2023]

Ar.T-H releases are returning to Dawn of Music records this fall. This time it’s time for powerful and dark drum and bass tracks from a musician who has also proven himself well in other drum and bass subgenre.

Available here.

SidMak – Golden Forest [29.09.2023]

Cool tracks from SidMak on Dawn of Music records again. The Golden Forest EP is filled with the pensive sound of autumn drum and bass, and the tracks in its composition will give a light deciduous mood.

Available here.

SKEEWER – No More Sweet [08.09.2023]

The single titled No More Sweet opens the season of autumn releases on Dawn of Music records. SKEEWER is a new name on Dawn of Music and tracks with a similar sound have not been released on the label for a long time.

Available here.

Smpler!x – Incident [14.07.2023]

The long-awaited release from Smpler!x has finally been released on Dawn of Music records. The 6 tracks of the release called Incident represent a diverse drum and bass, demonstrating the full range of Smpler!x’s capabilities.

Available here.

E5kipta – Sacrifice [16.06.2023]

There have been no singles on Dawn of Music for a long time, but a good reason for this was provided by E5kipta, which has been releasing drum and bass tracks for quite a few years. This time Sacrifice turned out to be really heavy and energetic in order to release it solo.

Available here.

Soulchaserz – Warpdrive [12.05.2023]

Soulchaserz is a duo of experienced musicians who are known not only for their original tracks, but also for enchanting bootlegs. Once again, fans of heavy drum and bass Soulchaserz will be pleased with a couple of neurofunk tracks: Warpdrive and 3rd Planet.

Available here.