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Drimuzz – Forgotten Sketches (part 2) [18.12.2020]

The second part of the Forgotten Sketches EP by Drimuzz closes the 2020 neurofunk releases on Dawn of Music records.

Drimuzz – Forgotten Sketches (Part 1) [04.12.2020]

Drimuzz - Forgotten Sketches (Pt. 1)

Drimuzz has been producing drum and bass for a long time on Dawn of Music records. This time the label ends 2020 with two parts of the Forgotten Sketches EP. You will find the usual gloomy neurofunk in them.

Drimuzz – Fatum [28.08.2018]

Dark and powerful release Fatum appeared on Dawn of Music records. Drimuzz is a long-established producer who is not the first time released on Dawn of Music and now presents everyone his new and original neurofunk.

Drimuzz – Electric Vibration [31.08.2016]

Again, the release of one of the residents Dawn of Music – Drimuzz. Thoroughbred and dark neurofunk waiting for you on Electric Vibration.

Quarantine [09.12.2015]

Winter electric synthesizers included in release Quarantine. Both tracks characterized by cold but energetic neurofunk sounding.

Drimuzz – Contrasting Movements [29.05.2015]

Grim sounds Contrasting Movements swallowed Dawn of Music records! 2 drum and bass tracks will not leave you indifferent.