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E5kipta – Bad Omen [20.07.2016]

E5kipta continues to release tracks on his Dawn of Music! This time we meet drum’n’bass and vocal dubstep in one SP.

Area 51 [16.06.2016]

Dawn of Music records continues a series of selected drum’n’bass tracks. Area 51 includes 2 neurofunk tracks of time-tested producers E5kipta and Marcus Zero.

Frozen Beauty [10.07.2015]

Release “Frozen Beauty” includes 2 neurofunk-tracks with different mood: for fans of hard and melodic sound of drum’n’bass. Nearly E5kipta released EP on Dawn of Music and continues his drum and bass work. In the meantime, Illarea almost takes us back to the times of dawn trancestep.

E5kipta – Invasion [17.04.2015]

Drum’n’bass and dubstep together now on Invasion EP. E5kipta (ex. Soul Scream) – musician from the far north, more that once pleased world with their releases on domestic and foreign labels. One of his early works got on the 1st release of Dawn of Music records – Soul Collapse and now, after 5 years, it tracks back to the Dawn of Music!