Tag: Poltergayst

Want Back [19.09.17]

After a long pause, Dawn of Music records releases light drum and bass tracks! On Want Back you will hear melodic liquidfunk.

Poltergayst – Something Wrong [04.07.2017]

Dawn of Music records releases the most conceptual SP Something Wrong from Poltergayst. Here you will find 2 underground tracks with deep semantic load.

Poltergayst – Migraine [24.11.2016]

Music, describes the sensation of headache in the style of drum and bass from Poltergayst. Among fit into the framework of the usual sound neurofunk this is 2 most conceptual tracks that united on Dawn of Music in Migraine SP.

Poltergayst – Sweet Sleep [18.08.2016]

Dawn of Music records continues to produce an unusual sound. You will find development theme Borderline State EP at Sweet Sleep from Poltergayst.

Poltergayst – Morze [03.08.2016]

Saws, noise and power expect you on Morze SP. One of the few really heavy tracks from Poltergayst on Dawn of Music records!

Poltergayst – Unseen [28.06.2016]

A cold breeze of this summer you can feel in the new SP from Poltergayst. Unseen consists of two tracks with cool minimalist atmosphere of neurofunk, which, at the same time, full of deep content meditative drum and bass.

Poltergayst – Stimulant [28.03.2016]

Ready for the powerful rhythms? Then the new Stimulant EP was created especially for you! This EP contains some of the most energetic drum’n’bass tracks from Poltergayst.

Borderline State [14.12.2015]

The whole year Dawn of Music has released popular styles of drum’n’bass music. But now it’s time from underground! On release Borderline State you will find 2 tracks, which can be called leftfield. Good gift for lovers of intellectual and meditative sound!